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A convergence of trends has created an opportunity for a new kind of farming, which responds to consumer demands for high-quality, traceable, local, ecological food supplies.

Hydroponic growing is the most proven and scalable system for growing leafy greens, which responds to consumer demand for high-quality, ecological food supply while offering investors rewarding returns

UK Hydroponic company launched in Q1 2019.

▪Current supply is challenged to meet demand on a consistent year-round basis.

▪Low carbon footprint: locally produced, no need for costly and produce-wilting transport

▪Consumer demand for pesticide-free produce

▪Hydroponic farming uses 96% less water than traditional farming

▪Year-round harvests

▪Hydroponic produce grows twice as fast as traditional farming

▪Requires 1/5th manual labour versus traditional farming

▪Each container farm equates to 1 acre of land and produces 19 times more harvests than traditional farming

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