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Earth First Food Ventures

Purpose with Profit

Earth First Food Ventures is a venture capital platform focused on ESG/impact investing in innovative food technologies, plant-based, fermentation and cultivated assets for healthier consumers, a cleaner environment, bluer oceans, and a better planet.

About Our Firm

How It All Began

Earth First Food Ventures was founded by visionary leaders with decades of experience in international financial markets.  We first got involved in innovative food technologies back in 2017 and have since placed our focus on the growing and exciting smart protein space including plant-based, fermentation and cultivated assets. We have developed a rich network of industry partners with global reach, capital and track record. We facilitate early and transformational investments in companies that have visionary founders, proven execution teams and the potential to do great things.


Our Smart Protein Themes

EFFV is in discussions with leading companies in the U.S. and Europe to participate in their upcoming B/C/D rounds

Green Plant

Already here and growing fast


Animal protein production without animal slaughter


Increasingly being used to create both ingredients and standalone plant-based products

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