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Earth First Food Ventures Series A Round is Live

We invite like-minded accredited investors, interested in disruptive food technologies and smart proteins, to join in our global growth story via the EFFV private security offering in the US and international markets to continue growing our food assets.

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Why Smart Proteins

Financing the Green Revolution in Food Tech and Smart Proteins

Our corporate video outlines the problem facing our planet and the amazing solutions that form the core of our global investment strategy.

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Smart Proteins Food Technologies

Anywhere Anytime

We invest in new food technologies which respond to consumer demands for high-quality, traceable, ecological food supplies while offering investors rewarding returns. EFFV has laid an extensive groundwork of relationships and built rapport with many of the best companies in the alternative protein space, particularly key fermentation and cultivated meat companies, which goes a long way to getting access to the best deals. These founders who we have close relationships are closely aligned with our values.

Venture Capital Platform

Several Complementary Verticals

Investing in EFFV's Equity

We are raising our Series A to support expansion across all platforms


EFFV capital partners can participate in co-investment opportunities at their discretion

Smart Proteins Venture Fund

(1Q2023 first close, target of US$300m)

Infrastructure Fund

(2024, target of US$300m), to invest in production facilities across key markets globally primarily for fermentation technology

Joint Ventures with capital partners in select growth markets to bring smart protein production technology for local production via long-term licensing agreements

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