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We invite like-minded accredited investors, interested in disruptive food technologies and smart proteins, to join in our global growth story via the EFFV private security offering in the US and international markets to continue growing our food assets.

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Earth and Space

Profit with Purpose For A Better Planet and Healthy Consumer

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Smart Food Technologies

Anywhere Anytime

We invest in new food technologies which respond to consumer demands for high-quality, traceable, ecological food supplies while offering investors rewarding returns. We anticipate our portfolio to hold approximately 15% Cultivated and 15% Fermentation assets: These are still nascent industries (with US1 Bn raised last year alone) and will take longer to scale and receive FDA approval. But the technologies are already here.

Our Vegetarian Fast Casual

Healthy Living, Healthy Eating

Vertically integrating in our new Vegetarian & Vegan Fast Casual concept raw materials and ingredients from the EFFV portfolio and hydroponic production on premise, as well as source from third-parties, and utilize ghost kitchens and food trucks rather than traditional ‘brick and mortar’ build-out. Plant-based meals crafted with sustainable, locally produced products.

New Plant-based Ventures

Plants, Plants, Plants

Growing our portfolio of disruptive, plant-based technologies globally. Plant-based sales in the US alone grew 27% compared to 2019 and stood at US 7.0B last year.

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