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Why We Focus on Smart Proteins

Global consumers increasingly demand traceable, sustainable food supplies, with lower carbon footprint and higher quality (without chemicals and additives).

Earth First Food Ventures believes that the ever-growing world population requires alternative protein sources that are less damaging to the environment than current animal-based production practices. This important sector needs to be re-engineered and financed for the good of our planet, the environment, and national healthcare system as well as fostering local food security and economies.

We have identified the following main themes that underpin our investments:

  • Environmentally friendly means of production and transportation.

  • Lower carbon footprint versus incumbent food production methodologies

  • Healthy end-consumer products

  • Traceable and Sustainable food supply sources: local production for local consumers (resulting in lower carbon footprint and fostering local economies), and

  • Food security for a growing world population.

We use the UN Sustainability Goals as a guide to our formal sustainability policy and execution of our business plans.

Chess Pieces

Investment Strategy

Investing in Winners

We invest in three areas: Plant-based, Fermentation and Cultivated Assets.

Investment Decision Process is guided by several principles: 

  • Credibility of the management team and ability to execute 

  • We don't fund Seed (unless we own the asset) or start-up rounds, we prefer to wait and see revenues and traction focus is on A, B and C rounds

  • Already attracted high profile names in their cap table or a licensing agreement 

  • Defensible IP in the case of Cultivated and Fermentation assets

  • Size of the market opportunity going forward

  • Full DD report; carried out by EFFV members and third-party specialists

  • International Advisory Board providing guidance and insights on trends, food tech sectors and target companies.


We have set a well-diversified selection of current and future assets and partners to de-risk our portfolio by geography and sectors in Food Tech.

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