Green Plant


Plant-based meat, eggs, and dairy are produced directly from plants

As the world population continues to grow, the question of how we are going to meet the future dietary needs of the planet is rapidly becoming one of the biggest challenges of our time.

As more consumers question the health, ethical and environmental implications of animal products, innovative plant-based alternatives have moved front and center.


Earth First Food Ventures already holds interests in three plant-based companies;

  1. a UK start-up growing leafy greens across urban centers, utilizing closed container, vertical farming technology /LED technology—no pesticides, no chemicals, no herbicides—with the view to build scale across the U.K. 

  2. a young and dynamic U.K.-domiciled, plant-based, alternative protein company in the fermentation business (tempeh).

  3. a wholly owned vegetarian fast casual chain starting in Ireland, then other selected markets in the European Union, called Pomegranate.